Container Engineering Services

Full Range of Services

In addition to the BCMS and Shaper machinery, Belvac supports a full range of services to provide a total manufacturing solution. Belvac can provide container engineering services including complete container design and development. Belvac also provides the design and configuration of the Necker process tooling as well as the design of the cupper die set and body maker tooling necessary to manufacture the correct dimensioned preform.

With the completion of the preform manufacturing on the customers front end line, Belvac can also provide a complete machinery and support solution for turn key manufacturing cell to form the preform into a bottle or aerosol container. This process equipment may include a depalletizer, if required, a Belvac Shaper and BCMS, a recirculation accumulation conveyor, a logic control panel, complete vision and inspection systems, a bottle rinser, a bottle drier, a strapper, a stretch wrapper, a palletizer with full pallet conveyance, the conveying within the cell, and a can line control system with line awareness hardware.

Additional support equipment may include chip collection systems, low pressure air compressor and low pressure compressed air dryer, vacuum pump, waste water pump and holding tank, rinser filtration pump, and support structure.

Belvac can also provide project management and start up support including: Project tasks and schedules, equipment pre-shipment inspections, complete coordination on the container on- site project reviews, factory start-up support and training.