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595K/SK Modular Necking Systems


  • Air-assisted infeed/discharge trackwork
  • Vacuum transfer starwheels
  • Modular design also integrates waxer, flanger, reformer, reprofiler, Light Tester, Necker and Belvac/Pressco IMS inspection module.
  • Up to 18­stage Modular base available (20 stages with IMS can inspection modules)
  • Automatic lubrication
  • Simple neck height adjustment
  • Configurations available for smaller diameters (standard: 211)
  • Hard chrome-plated can guides and starwheels
  • Interchangeable parts reduce replacement parts inventory
  • Proven process for 206, 204 and 202 neck diameters


We've incorporated our proven 595K necker turret technology into a system that offers unchallenged speed, flexibility and productivity for can sizes from 211 to 202. The system can produce either conventional neck profiles or the new round shoulder neck profile.

The modular design can accommodate up to 18 can-forming stages. Necker, flanger, base reformer and base reprofiler modules, as well as the new 595K IMS can inspection module, all bolt together for one continuous operation. The Belvac modular system is available in two models, 595K (2400 CPM) and 595SK (3000 CPM).

Now you can order the modules you want today and then add modules as your needs change all without the need for expensive connecting trackwork, elevators, additional accumulation conveyors or wasted floor space. An intermediate discharge module allows for rapid swing over from 202 to 206/204 and back again. This discharge unit works with air or magnetic conveyors.

Each module has been designed with an independent bi-fold guard to allow total access to the entire turret, including the tooling area. The system's stress-relieved, cast-iron bases include air and vacuum passageways, electrical conduit and the gearcase all within the base. No shelves, ledges or hoses are present to accumulate damaged cans. Externally mounted brakes and a gear-coupled reducer offer easy removal for maintenance.

The design improvements incorporated into the Belvac Modular System have been developed to assist canmakers in producing ultra-light cans at increasingly higher line speeds. The flanger has been redesigned with new radial spin heads to improve flange formation and to lower flange width variation. Revisions have also been made to the designs of the starwheels and can guides to improve the presentation of cans to the flanger tooling.

An integral modular vacuum chamber allows multiple blower locations to suit all machine configurations. Modular gearcases feature individual, lightweight aluminum covers for easy access so the drive gears can be inspected and serviced without requiring oil to be removed from the entire gearcase. A new 24-volt DC electrical control system has quick disconnects and a common wiring scheme, allowing modules to be easily "plugged together" during installation and addition of future modules. The design of the drive module easily accepts machine expansion by accommodating motors and gear reducers from 7.5 to 100 horsepower.

The Belvac Modular System encourages the use of all existing 595 turrets, "K" or "Non-K." Modular bases are available complete or without working turrets. Many of the existing turret components can be utilized for retrofitting these turrets onto new modular bases. Operators and maintainers of existing Belvac neckers will appreciate this commonality and will need little retraining when converting to the Modular System.

The ability to lubricate, neck, flange, reprofile/reform and now inspect on one modular machine will refine transportation of finished cans from the inside bake oven to the palletizer. This controlled can transportation throughout the entire process reduces can handling compared to that of interconnecting trackwork, elevators and conveyors. Can quality is preserved, while reducing spoilage and the likelihood that impact-damaged cans will be palletized.

The Belvac Model 475 Hot Waxer replaces the standard infeed starwheel assembly on the Modular base. A dedicated, integrally mounted vacuum blower ensures positive can handling. Sealed, caged needle bearings on the rollers offer improved service life at the higher, more demanding speeds. Trim can height changeover adjustments have also been greatly simplified to allow more flexibility in production. The unit is capable of operating with hot wax or mineral oil.

Intermediate Discharge An intermediate discharge enables swing over from 202 to 206/204 in a matter of minutes. Turrets downstream of the 206/204 discharge point are disengaged through a specially designed gear, eliminating idle thru kits and resetting of tooling. High pressure air and vacuum are automatically cut off on turrets not being used.

Model 595K Modular Necker Turret Standard features on the Belvac 595K Modular Necker Turret include the high-speed rib-type cams and automatic lubrication of the cams and ram assemblies.


  • Can Size Range:
    Diameter: 202 (52 mm) through 211 (66 mm)
    Length: 307 (80 mm) through 610 (169 mm)
  • Machine Speed:
    Model 595K: 2,400 CPM
    Model 595SK: 3,000 CPM
  • Utility Requirements:
    Vacuum: 8-10 in. Hg @ 15 CFM (flanger) (203-254 mm Hg @ 0.42 m3/min)
    Air: 60 PSIG (414 KPa)
    80 SCFM (2.3 m3/min)/Necking turret
    40 SCFM (1.1 m3/min)/Flanger turret
    50 SCFM (1.4 m3/min)/ Reformer turret/Reprofiler turret
    Drive: Consult factory for HP and KVA requirements.

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