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595K/SK Base Reprofiler


  • Air-assisted infeed/discharge trackwork
  • Vacuum transfer starwheels
  • Modular design integrates waxer, flanger
  • Automatic lubrication
  • Simple neck height adjustment
  • Hard chrome-plated can guides and starwheels
  • Interchangeable parts reduce replacement parts inventory
  • Proven process for 206, 204 and 202 neck diameters


The Belvac 595K Base Reprofiler reduces the outside profile of the base of the can to enable the stackability of 206, 204 and 202 neck diameter cans without the necessity of changing domer tooling in can body makers, making it ideal for swinglines. In addition, reprofiling allows improved inside spray with more reliable coverage.

The Reprofiler offers significant benefits for lightweighting by enabling domer tooling to be designed for the specific needs of forming thinner stock sizes without the constraints of the final profile, which is added by the Reprofiler turret. Metal savings of 0.017 inch are typical, depending on the required final profile.

The Reprofiler module can be coupled to the Belvac Modular Necking System or the turrets can be installed in 595K Fixed Base machines. It is also available as a stand alone machine on a modular base.

The unit uses the same gear drive and star wheel pocket pitch circle diameter as the standard necking turret. Available for flanged or unflanged cans, no contact is made with the cut edge of the can, which eliminates potential damage. Tooling heads for the Reprofiler are interchangeable with reformer tooling and oversized bearings in the tooling ram assembly significantly extend operations between required maintenance.

Tooling Assembly

The Belvac 595K Base Reprofiler tooling assembly enables stackability for 206, 204 and 202 neck diameter cans without changing body maker tooling.


The typical Reprofiler reduction using Belvac designed reprofiler tooling is .04 inch (1 mm).


  • Can Size Range:
    Diameter: 202 (52 mm) through 211 (66 mm)
    Length: 307 (80 mm) through 610 (169 mm)
  • Machine Speed: Model 595K;2,400 CPM
  • Utility Requirements:
    Vacuum: 8-10 in. Hg @ 15 CFM (flanger)
    (457-533 mm Hg @ 0.42 m3/min)
    Air: 180 SCFM/Necking Turret @ 80 PSIG
    (5.1 m3/min/Necking Turret @ 522 KPa)
    Drive: consult factory for HP and KVA requirements.

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