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  • Distinctive Styles
  • 595K Value Engineered

"Our customers are our ultimate partners in our endeavors..." - Richard Steigerwald, President, Belvac Production Machinery

"Belvac is committed to provide our customers quality products, to be at the forefront of emerging technologies - to support our can makers and brands alike. Our customers are our ultimate partners in our endeavors; they are core to our vision, which is to provide world-class package solutions to markets, using our equipment, intellectual property and innovative concepts. Belvac will continue to listen, to understand, to innovate, to respond, and continue to expand - meeting the needs of the global marketplace."



Environmental Responsibility

Belvac’s Machines are designed to favorably contribute to the ecological and environmental needs of the world.

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About Belvac

Belvac is the world leader in the design and production of continuous motion rotary machinery.

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