ARC Pacific was established in 2003 and has since then installed over 300 Inside Bake Ovens, Pin Ovens, Dry off Ovens, Washers and Regenerative Oxidizers for the Beer and Beverage Can Industry. As a result, ARC Pacific has become a global leader in supplying equipment and solutions to the metal packaging industry. Due to their team’s extensive experience, ARC Pacific is taking a leading role in providing equipment and solutions that will significantly reduce the CO2 footprint and improve the sustainability of the canmaking process.

In addition to their current installations, ARC Pacific is now able to offer efficient, integrated energy-saving solutions for can production lines.  With the shift in consumer views towards the importance of implementing climate protective measures, ARC Pacific recognizes the need for a fundamental change to reduce the CO2 footprint in canmaking. 

ARC Pacific is committed to a long-term, mutually beneficial cooperation with their customers and partners to achieve these ambitious goals. With their expertise and innovative solutions, ARC Pacific is poised to continue leading the industry towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future.

Arc Pacific joined the Belvac family in 2023, a company renowned for its industry-proven technology and sustainable solutions. This partnership enables Arc Pacific to leverage Belvac’s vast size and industry expertise, expanding its offerings and providing customers with even more innovative solutions.