Pin Oven

  • Can Making Machinery

Designed to maximize ease of operation, the ARC Pacific Pin Oven features high accessibility, temperature uniformity, and minimized gas consumption.

Key Benefits

Designed to maximize ease and efficient operation, the ARC Pin Oven has a single heat zone configuration that features temperature uniformity allowing the can to be cured in either ten or twelve passes. The cans are carried through the Oven to cure the freshly applied label from the Decorator via the pin chain that maximizes can stability. Made with a sturdy steel frame and compact machine footprint, and platform on top of the Oven to maintain the return chain pass, the Oven features high accessibility for safe and efficient maintenance.

The front frame is designed with physical space for your Bottom Rim Coater in addition to the chain tensioning unit. An optional two pass cooling chamber, equipped with VFD fans, helps to reduce overall heat loss into the plant. Following the cooling chamber, the cans are discharged via the VFD Vacuum Pin Stripper which transfers the cans off the pin chain and onto traditional conveyance. The Pin Stripper is designed for label camera inspection installation. The high efficiency 6-inch insulated walls, 2-inch safety cool walls and the on-demand exhaust air flow the Oven is able to retain heat efficiently and minimize gas consumption.

The Pin Oven maximizes process efficiency with its precise VFD recirculation fans that adapt to line speed ensuring the correct amount of heat is transferred to the can to cure the label. The pin chain lubrication unit ensures a smooth and constant operation. When fitted with a mist eliminator, the excess mist is extracted from the air via a centrifugal filter. 

Additionally, the Pin Oven is designed with various meters and regulators to help ensure safe and efficient line processes. The supply duct is equipped with pressure sensors to maintain uniform air flow under different production conditions. Displaying on the HMI, the exhaust air volume is constantly monitored via the exhaust orifice. The gas flow meter and regulator measures gas consumption and regulates the burner flames to help ensure efficient process control.

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