Belvac is the leading supplier of canmaking equipment provides comprehensive training solutions to keep clients competitive and ensure optimal production and product quality. With over 60 years in the industry, Belvac has the expertise and experience to help train the next generation of canmakers. Customized Training Programs can be conducted on-site or at Belvac to avoid the everyday interruptions inherent at a production facility, classes can range from three days to two weeks for eight hours each day. Available onsite trainings include:

  • CC93 Trimmers
  • CC95 Trimmers
  • CT500 Trimmers
  • 595 Necker System
  • Decorator

Additionally we offer the following trainings onsite customer facilities:

  • BM24 Bodymakers
  • CC93 Trimmers
  • CC95 Trimmers
  • Decorators
  • 595VE Series Neckers
  • Servo Belvac Necker
  • The Belvac Necker
  • Bottle Can Manufacturing System
  • Shaper

At Belvac we believe in a hands-on application approach, meaning all classes will feature opportunities for students to spend time working with the machinery. The final assessment will feature a practical exam in which the student has to rebuild the respective machine alone, ensuring that their skills are of the highest level prior to earning the certificate of completion.